About Young + Shand

Young + Shand is a creative digital agency.

Young + Shand is New Zealand’s biggest digital agency and the fastest growing independent in the country. As a digitally led creative agency, we focus on developing new marketing thinking in a digital world. We’ve made a name for ourselves by creating engaging campaigns that leverage emerging marketing technology to transform the way brands communicate.

How we work

Our Auckland office has a full production team, five creative teams, dedicated digital designers, a full development team, strategy/media/innovation team and a video production unit. This mix of different people, different thinking and different skills allows us to develop new thinking and new approaches to traditional problems.

We also have a strong values based approach to how we work. Collaboration, innovation and transparency are core ways of working. We like to collaborate within our teams and with our clients, we tell it as it is and keep things simple and of course we're passionate about discovering new approaches that deliver results.

Our environment

Last but not least, we’re a young ambitious company that’s not afraid of hard work. We have a young team that's smart and eager to learn and test the limits of what's possible. We love a challenge and work together to achieve great results.

If you can't see a role that's a good fit for your skills we'd still love to hear from you. We're growing fast and new opportunities come up all the time. You can email us direct at careers@youngshand.com.

Current openings